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GPS trigger is an option can be used in all of our system. Use GPS trigger technology can share the driver labor intensity, make driver drive car safely and concentratiely. We have over ten yeas experience of developing and applying GPS trigger technology. There are over ten thousand equipment that using our GPS trigger technology under working, we are leader in this industry. Our superiority on GPS trigger technology are mainly reflect in flowing areas:

1. Support collect coordinates information directly on the Google Earth, no need  live manual collecting.

2. Support arrive station trigger and leave station trigger play different audios.

3. Support set arrive station and leave station trigger audios distance.

4. Support midway reentry vehicle, the more stations and other emergency situations, to protect the accuracy of the stops

5. Use Vector Mixed stops algorithm, intelligent distinguish adjacent station, cross station to avoid misstatements happening.

6. By GPS field simulation technology, can reproduce the operation of GPS; remotely resolve any technical problems caused by the GPS

7. Specific application  we can offer different solutions to resolve GPS technology problems.(For example, the aircraft dedicated to customized 10HZ GPS program, forested safari provides high- precision and high-sensitivity GPS solution)