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1.Are the commentary systems just for buses?

No, our systems can be used for hop-on-hop-off tours, airport transfers, private excursions, the helicopter, and boats trips. The systems are very versatile

2.What is the cost?

We promise that our price is the lowest in the world, but that not mean we have a low quality.On the contrary, we pride ourselves on providing you with higher quality system and on-going customer support than similar products. The state of the art technology along with our 2-year warranty will mean you do not regularly have to spend money fixing our systems.

3.What is the payback period for tamo system?

Typically in under one season especially as it can potentially double your customer base

4.How much customer support will i receive?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our high level of customer satisfaction. We can help advise you on the correct system for your business, and we will provide ongoing customer support

5.Are the systems weatherproof?

Our system undergo rigorous testing. They are waterproof. They work perfectly in various conditions,Such as in freezing cold america or broiling Middle East

6.How long would it take to install?

It depends on the model and size of the transport being fitted - a double decker tour bus can be fitted with the Rapid Fit system in a single day

7.can i alter the tour once established

Yes. Our tour management system allows you to add new points or remove the old ones with minimum fuss

8.Can a live commentary be incorporated?

Yes, our systems have been used to work in conjunction with tour guides

9.How quickly can new parts be ordered if there is a problem

Parts are kept in china. And we have spares in our company to send you as fast as we can

10.Do parts quickly become obsolete?

We keep our customers up to date with product developments, but we always keep stock for five years from your date of purchase

11.what is the benefit of the replaceable shell?

After the design of replaceable shell, the cost of maintenance will greatly reduce,as we know, When we use the device up to a certain age, the shell will be aging damage, headset seat may also be damaged, and then to replace the whole device. Our design of replaceable shell can only use a screwdriver to replace after shell damage appeared, easy to operate and can greatly reduce the maintenance cost

12. How can get more information about tamo’s systems?

Email us at or phone us at 182 0755 8018