Outdoor bus ETA and advertising system

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  • Applications   Buses,The scenic area tourist cars,
  • Product type   Mini024C
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The outdoor bus ETA and advertising system" integrated global satellite positioning and navigation technology (GPS),
smart sensors, 4G video technology and voice communication technology,CCTV ,55inch outdoor touch screen
bus estimate arrive time .A new generation of integrated intelligent stop sign application system.
The system can offer Dispatching Management System GPS arrival data, through technical docking, establish a bus arrival forecast system.
After the completion of the project, the department The system will cover most of the bus stops,and release the real-time arrival information of all buses passing the route.
Provide real-time and accurate vehicle arrival forecast for waiting passengers.
In addition, the project comes with multimedia video playback, real Timely video surveillance,
passenger feedback and suggestions, public information release and services, etc.