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  • Applications   City Tour Bus, sightseeing cruises, sightseeing helicopters,
  • Product type   TM601X
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Support GPS auto commentary and manual commentary
Support wide range work voltage 10-30V DC
Support 16 channels digital audio play and background music play,sound quanlity same as CD
Built-in high capacity lithium battery backup power to prevent accidental Power off,affecting the device is working properly
Built-in two ways 15W digital amplifier can directly drive an external speaker
Support set station coordinates, trigger distance and drive direction on Google Earth,do not need Collect points
Support  two wired microphone for live guiding,tour guider through the microphone for live guiding
Support 2 video AV input, support one way DVR automatically detection

Support to display remaining time of each channel
Support to monitor the audio commentary
Professional adjustable iron bracket, easy for installation
7inch TFT screen,comforable display solution for operation
Standard and professional key pad, data update by USB and micro sd card

Built-in 2-way USB HOST Interface,can directly drive two devices
With a standard RJ45 interface and super five kinds of wire, very suitable for the custom cable
Full isolation signal path design, to avoid damage to a single sub-equipment, affecting the normal work of other sub-devices
Fully enclosed waterproof design, can prevent external factors (rain, dust, man-made) damage to the equipment
Built-in power and signal indicator light, convenient for maintenance personnel maintenance equipment, and troubleshoot the device

Support 16 languages simultaneously
Structure using 15 ° bevel design, 1.5 inches wide viewing angle IPS screen, automatic brightness adjustment, offers visitors the best viewing angle effect
Full waterproof design and stainless steel screw,Suitable for outdoor bus installation
Lossless data transmission technology, near-CD quality stereo music
Easy to install, little damage to the seat.(Only a 20mm hole and four 2.5-mm hole is enough)
Using high-quality headphones, plug number up to 50 million times
Changeable covers, simple shell replacement,easy to operate(only need screwdriver)