Infotainment and Multilingual System

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  • Applications   plane,High-speed rail, luxury cruise ships, tour buses
  • Product type   TM901X
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The use of industrial grade super powerful dedicated server chip
Support GPS automatically or manually trigger to play the specified video or audio file
Support one 2.4G digital wireless microphones and one wired microphone to explain the scene in the spot
POE technology on Enternet port,no more wire to wireless AP
12-36V wide voltage design, it’s better for the vehicle traffic to adapt to the changing environment voltage on the way
Easy to update moives,music,games,APK,OS by server
Support 3G/4G wireless card, terminal devices can connect to internet through server
Ubuntu linux 14.04 OS
Professional car damping structure design,support both HDD and SSD

Very special and professional background lights keyboard with 18 keys for vehicle designed
7inch High definition TFT large screen ,pixel 800*480
Inbuilt 3W monitor speaker, more convenient to let driver monitor the audio and video
Support wide voltage, working voltage 12-36V

7inch high pixel IPS screen,support multi-touch operation
Android 6.0 OS, 4 Cores CortexTM-A7 CPU
Support multi-languages menu setting for different nationalities
High quality earphone socket,as high as half millions times for plug in and out
Wireless connection,no more other signal wire,easy installation and maintenance
Support USB charging fuction, can charge the power to external device such as mobile,IPAD, the MAX current up to 1A
Inbuilt “Shopping”, “Movie”, “Music”, “Survey”, “Game”, “Help” and so on, can offer customization services based on customers requirements