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    2016 New Year Message

    Release time:2016-2-15      Browse Listings:
           Looking forward, looking forward to 2016 came. Pink clouds everywhere, Raise the Red Lantern, couplets, firecrackers, put on new clothes, 2016 New Year's morning when pierced the night sky at the moment, we greet the new year with cheers sun, friends and family to send the most sincere the Chinese New Year, Happy New Year!
           Suddenly, the excitement of New Year away, we started back in 2016 ushered in the first day of the post. After spending a happy, peaceful, relaxing New Year holidays, we return to the job, which meet in the spring fills the air, is strong festive moments! Here we return to the post on time travel long distances to all employees to express my sincere respect, and extend new Year greetings to all employees and the company's new and old customers! thanks for your employees and customers and friends has been the recognition and support for tamotec also expect that we can continue to focus on the development tamotec, and create tamotec brilliant!
           At this moment we may still immersed in the joy of family reunion atmosphere, perhaps still unforgettable colorful romantic New Year's Eve fireworks, perhaps always pay attention to grab a red envelope signal which Tyrant friend published, there was a jolly happy Chinese New Year. Beautiful for recreation time always some people never forget, however wonderful life continues, not only work hard to live up to the good times. Let's dream of finishing luggage, embark on the journey of the platform, waving his hometown of clouds, to dream in mind, in order to allow the desire to live better, to tamotec again into the family, all of the sadness as the driving force, with more enthusiasm into work for a happy 2016 to open a new round of struggle. New year, new hope, new work, let us in the new year, united as one, courage, and enthusiastic, and jointly write a new chapter in Hua Xun, high morale, so the industry leader!


                                                                                                                                                  January 19, 2016