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Intelligence Bus System

Release time:2016-6-29      Browse Listings:
  • Applications   buses,The scenic area tourist cars,
  • Product type   TM601
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     TM601 is one professional intelligent bus broadcaster integrate intelligent dispatch,broadcasting and monitor, adopt 18 keys special bus keyboard design,match 7 inch big screen display, integrate short message broadcast,monitor back off (open door) and driver swiping card functions and so on, alternative GPRS can meet various buses demand. It is convenient for installation,rich in function,and easy to operate, widely used in domestic and aboard buses system.
Support 2 groups audios videos input.Support using key switch monitor channel,one of the group support video auto detect function,can be used in vehicles drive back off or monitor the door state.
Internal RFID swiping card function, applied to drivers sign in,the sign in information can be upload to platform for recording through GPRS net.
External megaphone achieve in or out of vehicle calls.
Support TTS and real body mixed broadcasting, no need record broadcast audios.
Support TTS auto broadcast center handing out messages, no need artificial look over,broadcasting message can display through driver monitor speaker,without interfering with normal voice station reported.
Support vehicles position real time examination,information release,talk hands-free intercom function.